Parliament’s first year in numbers: July 2009 to July 201

It is just over a year since the June 2009 elections and in the first year a remarkable number of debates and votes have taken place. Here we look at some of the numbers that have dominated the first of the five year mandate.

58 Plenary sittings in both Strasbourg in France and Brussels in Belgium

392 hours of debates during these sessions

16 days of debates

599 motions for resolutions were tabled

135 legislative and 291 non-legislative procedures voted

3, 138 votes (electronic & by a show of hands)

5,728 amendments tabled

3 formal sittings – one on 20th anniversary of democratic changes in Central and Eastern Europe with the participation of Czech playwright turned President Václav Havel. The second was the award of the Parliament’s human rights Sakharov Prize to the “Memorial” organisation and later an address by US Vice President Joe Biden.

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Plenary statistics

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