Improving the attractiveness of the plenary

Message from Diana Wallis, representative for the working party for improving attractiveness of the plenary during the conference of presidents:

“As you may already be aware, I will be representing the Group on the new Working Party on Improving the Attractiveness of the Plenary set up by the Conference of Presidents, and chaired by Hannes Swoboda from the S&D group. Our first meeting is scheduled for this week, on the 11th November, and I would very much appreciate receiving your thoughts and ideas before this first meeting, or indeed as our work continues. I will of course be keeping you informed of any concrete proposals borne of our discussions there.

In the former mandate I sat on the Working Party on Parliamentary Reform, which already came up with a number of proposals to improve plenary – both for the Members and for outside observers. As a result a number of changes were brought in, for example in relation to the agenda, or to improve Parliament’s visibility, or even the blue card system which was introduced to allow for more ‘interactive’ debate.

Please find the link to the report here

This new Working Party has essentially been set up to find ways to ensure that Members’ attendance in plenary is maximal, but I believe there are a number of other issues that we could also cover, such as transparency or efficiency of the voting system etc.Please feel free to communicate your thoughts on the matter to my office.

I look forward to a fruitful collaboration with you on these issues that concern us all in our daily work, and can ultimately have a great effect on our relations with citizens in the EU at large.

Diana Wallis

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