MEP 2.0 Workshops


This initiative is based on the French “Ateliers de l’élu 2.0” launched in October 2009 by Secretary of State, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet for French parliamentarians. The French version of these workshops gathered 180 parliamentarians in total and resulted in the creation of over 30 Twitter and Facebook account.

The first session of these “MEP 2.0 Workshops”, supported by Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, gathered over 60 participants, including Members of the European Parliament from 9 different countries and representatives from other EU institutions.Damien Abad explained that these workshops were designed in several sessions. The objective of the first one on 7 October was to give a general overview of how social networks work. Following this first session, Damien Abad will organise 4 workshops aimed at leading MEPs from a general understanding of the social networking tools to a maximum and optimal use of those tools in their communication with constituents.

TIMELINE: The first session on Twitter scheduled for this Wednesday has been postponed to 1 December

The 1st training session on 1 December will be dedicated to the use of Twitter as communication tools for MEPs.

The 2nd training session on 26 January will focus on communicating with electors through social networks like Facebook

The 3rd training session will be sometime at the end of February; MEPs will learn to use other 2.0 tools.

The last session on 23 March will focus on what is changing in politics and the emergence of an e-democracy.


Through this training MEP Abad is trying to address digital question in general and build a network of MEPs able to work together on the issue of digital economy, be it  on the market or on societal or legislative issues such as the right to be forgotten on the Web. Abad is also aiming at reaching out the largest political diversity within the EP and he considers these workshops are a « gathering tool » to get MEPs together from major political groups to exchange on relevant issues. You can read the interview MEP Abad gave to

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