Call for contributions on the attractiveness of the Plenary

The European Parliament is launching a call for contributions on the attractiveness of the plenary: “The Working Group on improving the attractiveness of the plenary session” established by the Conference of Presidents that I am honored to chair , is seeking contributions (…).I invite you to send your contribution to the following address: before March 15.

Why not make this consultation a citizen consultation? The problems of the plenary session are indeed well known, long time periods (from 9:00 to after midnight during the session in Strasbourg), low attendance during the trial (during which the groups are only represented by the rapporteurs), etc. .

The sessions offer too little time for everyone to picture the work of the European Parliament. Instead, his critics never fail to produce images of empty semicircles. Yet the moments of votes are taken and the attendance rate of the chamber during the vote is very good compared to other countries of the European Union, we can testify.

Initiatives to “open” the Chamber were not scarce in recent years. The Lux and Sakharov prizes, the speeches of foreign heads of state, the sessions of questions and answers with the Commission are all good examples of these initiatives… But it still lacks of great debates that sustain a meeting.

Even though everyone knows that the bulk of parliamentary work is not fully represented in plenary, but in committees, in political groups, it is important to show, while citizens are poorly informed about meetings’ issues (see barometer for the European Parliament), that debates are passionate. Just looking at the number of interventions by Daniel Cohn-Bendit viewed shows that there is a strong appetite in Europe for that.

From then, several tracks have been incurred. Among them, tightening the sessions on time, hold a current major debate at each session seemed to go in the right direction. To pursue this reflection, Parlorama publishes here all documents that will be rendered in this consultation.

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