The importance of open data in a video-clip.


The Open Knowledge Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 and promoting the openness of any kind of data and contents that can be used freely, reused and distributed: or, in a few words, it promotes open knowledge. On April the 13th was released a clip aimed at sensitizing public awareness of the issue.

#opendata from Open Knowledge Foundation on Vimeo.

A number of data gurus and advocates speak, explaining why and how open data is important in the nowadays society. Starting from the assumption that the discussion focuses on data which are first collected by governments for their own purpose, which therefore can be released almost costless, one can list several reasons in support of their disclosure.

First of all, on the basis of such data, private citizens, enterprises and associations can make re-elaborations on them even use them to create useful and valuable applications or services.

Not to be understated also the pro-democratic role open data in society. Open sources of data in fact can help citizens to be better informed and have a more comprehensive overview on how society is organized and works and this therefore can foster equal participation, consciousness and therefore more democracy.

Further, open data gives the possibility of making comparison between different countries; this is why in particular in Europe having a single data center would be a key tool for the elaboration of a true European debate and policy.
Moreover, the possibility to realize more transparency of international aid and a clearer view on development problems.

Many other reasons exist and, in short, it does not seem to be too difficult to explain and to understand why data disclosure is so important in a society that can be named, given the key role of knowledge, information society.

Based on the same principle, namely favoring data free diffusion and wide spread, Parlorama joined the initiative of the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog and helped translating subtitles of the clip #opendata.

Give your contribution by helping with the translation into other languages or by improving existing translations.

Source: Open Knowledge Foundation Blog

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