The city of Vienna has launched an open data portal

The city of Vienna today launched an open data portal, thus realizing a plan that was adopted early March, following a policy decision last November. The Vienna data catalogue is a major tangible result of efforts on the topic of open data of politicians, public administration, academics, citizens and civic groups.

Raising awareness, providing knowledge, and support from the European LOD2 project on licenses, URL schema’s under their PubLink services (a free consultancy service to help local governments with steps towards linked data) were part of that mix.

In the last 4 to 5 weeks civil servants with the City of Vienna pushed hard to make the data catalogue a reality.

The license for the published data sets is a Creative Commons BY (by attribution) license. This is the result of discussion between the administrations of four Austrian cities (Vienna, Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck), that all have agreed to use this licensing model for their own local efforts. The city of Linz is expected to launch their data portal in September 2011, and will as this suggest adopt the same licensing structure.

Next steps will be to further work with the local open data community to improve and extend the data catalogue. This means both more data sets as well as bringing new formats such as RDF (linked data) into play.

A competition and survey are also planned for later this year.

(by Ton Zijlstra), read the article on epsiplatform

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