Five “Social Affairs” Keywords in 2011


We will remember 2011 as the year of «rigour», «crisis», «austerity» or «financial regulation»… If 2011 concerns were mainly economic, one should keep in mind that social matters are closely related to these issues. This is why it appeared as important to us to take stock of the way Europarliamentarians addressed these questions by looking into the five themes which were the most mentioned in the field of social policy.

Active ageing, maternity leave, coordination of social security, pensions and professional qualification: these are the keywords we have searched in the official documents provided by the European Parliament, compiled and analyzed thanks to the method we have developed. More specifically, we aimed at examining the frequency and density of the works and debates concerning each of these keywords.

To resume the main findings of this study, we note a significant gap between the number of occurrences of the five keywords: pensions are, by far, ranking at the top position (mentioned in 580 documents), followed by professional qualification (282 documents), maternity leave (101), active ageing (85) and coordination of social security (26).

The number of actors very involved differs significantly from one topic to another, depending on the topics addressed. Some correlations are nevertheless to be underlined: for instance, the most active people on pensions issues are also the most active on the theme of professional qualification. On average, almost 50% of the parliamentarians who have mentioned one the keywords analyzed have been particularly active in the works and debates regarding this theme.

To find out more about this study, you can download the full analysis.


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