The Four Seasons of the Arab Spring


On December 14, 2011, the European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize to five activists of the Arab Spring. Behind this symbol, how did EU institutions deal with this movement in 2011?

This is the question we have tried to answer to by studying the works of the European Parliament and the European Commission linked to the Arab Spring in 2011. We have drawn ten main conclusions from the data retrieved:

> The Arab Spring in the EU institutions

> Syria, the country EU institutions mentioned the most

> Gaddafi, the leader EU institutions mentioned the most

> Diverging keywords according to the different EU institutions

> The EU “supports” more than it “condemns”

> The EU shows “support” more than “solidarity”

> Dictatorships for the Parliament but not for the Commission

> On the firmness of the EU diplomacy

> A mainly symbolic recognition of the role of women in the Arab Spring

> Case study: Syria

Download the full study.

In addition to these ten axes, we have wished to let at the disposal of the people and organisations interested in deepening our work our spreadsheet gathering the data retrieved [excel] [open office].

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