Parlorama is based on objective data made public by the European Assemblies: plenaries minutes, reports, speeches, written and oral questions, etc.

Thanks to state-of-art technology software developed by the IT team, the data is gathered in real time and analysed. It enables us to report many results such as deputies individual performance, political groups performance (Age, Gender, Political group, Occupation, preferred topics etc.); in a word, as many criteria as allowed by the data structure.

In addition to the performance analysis, we have developed a softare enabling us to understand the Assemblies from the semantic point of view. This acknowledged, all the documents produced are dynamically analysed. This tool allows the best monitoring activity over the Assemblies in real time, following their evolution over a specific period and steering a transversal analyse of the studied topics in the relevant Assembly.

Finally, potential perspectives and political analysis crossing the previous results are offered by the steering committee chaired by Stéphane Rozès (political scientist, former chairman of the French survey institute, CSA).

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