PARLORAMA makes its services to your advantage!

Follow all the European issues in real time and with a single click !

Our tools allow numerous studies (one-time / periodical /semantic etc.), and resume information deemed relevant by our customers, who can be advised by our scientific committee. After a first comprehensive watch, information is updated daily on the same principle or by using RSS feeds when available. The online “library”  that we create, includes all public information with regard to the theme, providing “on demand” classification , according to your needs.
We also calculate the individual and/or collective “performance” of group members, enabling you to better find your way through the maze of lobbying, you will know where to go and with what impact. We add value to the systemic work, taking into account various socio-political factors, depending on the needs of each client.
Moreover, we provide support for your interest representation arguments with studies conducted on your themes and serving as very illustrative examples for your positions towards decision-makers. You can strengthen your arguments with prominent facts and figures, thus improving your communication bases (we recommend MW for all communications extensive work in private communication, political and institutional).

Our range of services facilitates your monitoring and lobbying daily work, with offers tailored by and for our customers.

Treat yourself with what is best and most comprehensive in the monitoring of European affairs!

Our services include:

- Thematic Studies:

We can look for specific topics for you on the entire European territory, from a local to a supranational point of view. We offer semantic studies, enriched with performance assessments and many socio-political data. You receive quarterly ready-to-use reports, and a summary sheet of the progress of work/debates on your subjects.

- Intranet theme (ask for details at the following address)

- Search engine:

With Parlorama, you have all the data recovered and you can sort your convenience through our search engine online. Thus, it is not just a study which you have the results but also an interactive platform where you can conduct your own research.

For more information, contact us directly by email or by phone

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